June 15, 2024

West Africa T20I Trophy 2023 promises an exciting display of cricketing skills as fans prepare for its launch on October 10, 2019 (set for fantasy cricket predictions as well as betting tips to enhance their cricket experience!). Fans have long enjoyed participating in such tournaments as T20 competitions in cricket’s world league format; among the newest tournaments of note is the West Africa T20I Trophy 2023 which promises fast action and high-scoring matches, making for captivating viewing and betting on their teams! In this article, we explore this tournament further as well as predictions and betting tips to enhance your cricket experience further!

Tournament Overview

The West Africa T20I Trophy 2023 is an exciting regional T20 cricket tournament featuring teams from West African nations. This platform allows emerging talent from these regions to showcase their skills on an international stage and the tournament offers several high-octane matches that promise thrilling contests!

Participating Teams

Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Senegal and Mali

Fantasy Cricket Predictions for West Africa T20I Trophy 2023

Fantasy cricket has quickly become immensely popular among cricket enthusiasts, providing fans with an exciting way to customize and build their dream teams using real players’ performances in matches. Here are some predictions for the West Africa T20I Trophy 2023 as fans prepare their fantasy teams Baji Live Pakistan:

Key Players to Consider (Nigeria and Ghana)

Bilal Ahmed (Nigeria), known for his explosive batting and spin-bowling prowess, should be included on any fantasy team. Kwame Mensah (Ghana) can score big runs that contribute towards scoring fantasy points quickly.

Amadou Diallo of Senegal: As an all-round talent, Diallo makes for an invaluable fantasy asset. mes Match Winners

Nigeria vs Ghana: Nigeria has been picked as favorites to claim this match due to their formidable batting lineup and experienced bowlers – they may lead off with two innings before Ghana hits back with its bowlers taking action and closing out proceedings by bowling effectively at both ends of the pitch.

Sierra Leone will likely beat Mali due to their more balanced team composition. When pitted against Burkina Faso, Senegal should emerge victorious due to their all-round strength.

Betting Tips

Some fans enjoy adding an element of excitement by placing bets during West Africa T20I Trophy 2023 matches by placing bets. Here are a few suggestions of bets they might consider placing:

Bet on Favorites

In T20 cricket, form and team strength play an essential part. Bets made on teams comprised of experienced players can increase your odds of victory.

Study Pitch Conditions


Knowing the pitch conditions can make all the difference for cricket match outcomes, with some pitches favoring batters while others assisting bowlers – be informed bets using pitch reports!

Analysing Player Form

Keep an eye on player form; batsmen and bowlers who are performing strongly will more likely produce strong performances than their peers who might not.

Responsible Betting

Responsible betting requires setting and sticking to a budget when betting. Do not chase losses, nor invest more than you can afford.


The West Africa T20I Trophy 2023 promises to be an exciting cricketing spectacle, offering fantasy cricket enthusiasts and betting fans plenty of ways to engage with this tournament and enjoy itself responsibly while witnessing moments of spectacular cricketing brilliance!

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